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Project Description

A SugarSync API for Windows Desktop, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7.

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Current Version Notes

Please note that the current version is in BETA status and is NOT recommended for production use.

7.18.2011 Update

It has been a while since our last update. Well, here we are!
  • Integrated the Visual Studio Async CTP SP1 Refresh, which DRAMATICALLY cleaned up the highly Async API
  • Added SugarSyncStorageRoot class
  • Added static methods on SugarSyncDirectoryInfo and SugarSyncFileInfo to ease navigation and creation of directories and files
  • Better support for both Browse scenarios and Task oriented scenarios
  • General API cleanup - the API is stabilizing, but is still subject to change
  • Linked to Silverlight project - you should be able to create Silverlight apps - did not test, example is in the works...

Getting Started

  1. Install the Visual Studio Async CTP SP1 Refresh
  2. Download the Source
  3. Review the Documentation (Coming Soon!)
  4. Get a SugarSync Account -
  5. Add your developer keys to the example projects as illustrated below
  6. Study the Examples

Adding Developer API Keys to Desktop and Phone Examples

You will need to get your own account and API access keys from SugarSync at
Free 5GB accounts available at



Windows Desktop and Windows Phone 7 examples included, Silverlight example is planned for a future release.

Screen Shots

Desktop Explorer

Windows Phone 7 Explorer

Silverlight Explorer (coming soon!)

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